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Our Mission Statement

To EDUCATE the public about environmental protection

To PROTECT the environment by operating a recycling depot

We Accept

There are many items that we do accept, and some that we don't. Below is a list of some of the items we accept. 

Cardboard and Paper




Household Paint




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News & Announcements

November 28, 2023
Curbside Recycling Containers

If you're in need of Curbside Recycling Containers, we sell them at our Recycling Depot! Currently, we are CASH ONLY for these purchases, so please do your best to bring exact change. We will make an announcement once electronic payment options become available, thank you for your patience!

November 15, 2023
2023 General Member Registration

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is next Monday, November 20th, at 6pm. If you are interested in getting more involved - become a General Member of KUTE! Our society's annual membership fee is $2, this year we are also looking for more Directors & electing a new President. Please fill out the form at the […]

November 6, 2023
2023 Annual General Meeting

We are hosting our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday, November 20th. As a not-for-profit organization, this meeting is open to the public & will be held at 6PM at the Kitimat CDC (1515 Kingfisher Ave, Kitimat BC, V8C 1S5). Additional information & general member registration form will be shared in a follow-up post. Feel […]

February 10, 2023
The Importance of Recycling in Northern BC

Recycling has always been an important aspect of maintaining a sustainable environment. It helps conserve natural resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. In Northern British Columbia, recycling is of even greater importance due to the vast and remote nature of the region. With limited […]


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